About Us

The Hive Maker is family business run from a small workshop in Whitley Bay, specialising in Western Red Cedar National Hives, crafted to perfection. All our products are made by myself, Shaun Scrimgeour.

I started my woodworking journey in a joiners shop at 16, covering all aspects of shop joinery. Leaving five years later hoping to make my fortune on the streets paved with gold, London. The capital had plenty of construction work to offer and I soon gained the knowledge and skill to return to build my own home three years later. The next twelve years were spent covering all aspects of joinery, house building, civil engineering, shop fitting, and finally settling for house building. I’ve been working on luxury houses for the past ten years, with some winning awards for the attention to detail and high standards.

Inspired by a programme seen on TV, a short film about people living and working in the Wye Valley, a Ghillie, Cider Maker, Cheese Maker and a Beekeeper. This was the start of my interest in Beekeeping, reading lots of books, and attending courses with my wife, Tina, we were soon on our way to getting our own bees. When the hive we ordered from a supplier arrived, I knew that with my joinery experience I would be able to make them to a very high standard.

My woodworking journey has now gone full circle as I’m now working in my own joiners shop, and I’ve found my gold, its honey.